Disrupted: How COVID-19 is affecting societies across the MENA region

The COVID-19 pandemic will become the defining event of this decade. It is not only the most severe public health emergency in recent history, but also an economic and social crisis of unparalleled proportions. It touches every aspect of human life. This blog investigates how the pandemic is shaping lives across the Middle East and North Africa. Our FES experts, partners and guest contributors from Rabat to Teheran and from Beirut to Khartoum will share their insights from the ground and offer food for thought as we jointly attempt to understand the repercussions of this crisis and chart a way forward.

The views expressed in this blog series are not necessarily those of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

Corona Blog News

The delusion of beliefs

What makes you who you are today? If we make a list of words that would identify us as people, we will most likely include either our belief system,...


Les travailleurs domestiques migrants et le système de Kafala: le vaste réseau d'oppression

Les frontières sont floues entre les conditions de vie sous le système de Kafala et l'esclavage.


Migrant domestic workers and the Kafala system: the extensive network of oppression

The boundaries between the living conditions under Kafala system and slavery are vague.


Saving Public Money: A means or and end?

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of healthcare and education systems quality, which stirred the public and shifted the focus of...


Being "Black" in the MENA region

It had become a truism in Arab culture that the term "black" when referring to people with a swarthier skin than the Mediterranean, olive skin-looking...


Être "Noir" dans l'Afrique du Nord et le Moyen-Orient

C'est devenu un truisme dans la culture arabe que le terme «noir», lorsqu'il fait référence à des personnes à la peau plus foncée que les Arabes...


Chronicling the Coronavirus: A Perspective from Jordan

The team at the West Asia-North Africa Institute (WANA) has put together a working chronology of the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and a...


The Algerian economy put to the test by Covid-19: Do we need to reinvent everything?

Algeria is facing the Covid-19 crisis in a particular situation: a protest movement, which began in February 2019, has pushed the leaders in power...


A multi-dimensional crisis : Journalism in Algeria put to the test by Covid-19

The Coronavirus epidemic has not spared the media sector in Algeria. The media landscape, consisting mainly of the paper press, could be transformed...


Une crise multidimensionelle: Le journalisme en Algérie à l’épreuve du Covid-19

L’épidémie de Coronavirus n’a pas épargné le secteur des médias en Algérie. Le paysage médiatique, composé essentiellement de la presse papier,...


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