Disrupted: How COVID-19 is affecting societies across the MENA region

The COVID-19 pandemic will become the defining event of this decade. It is not only the most severe public health emergency in recent history, but also an economic and social crisis of unparalleled proportions. It touches every aspect of human life. This blog investigates how the pandemic is shaping lives across the Middle East and North Africa. Our FES experts, partners and guest contributors from Rabat to Teheran and from Beirut to Khartoum will share their insights from the ground and offer food for thought as we jointly attempt to understand the repercussions of this crisis and chart a way forward.

The views expressed in this blog series are not necessarily those of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

Corona Blog News

Work in the Time of Coronavirus

In a time of global pandemic, the Palestinian economy has been put on lockdown. Without financial safety net, workers seem to be in for a fight for...


What Comes Next? A Socioeconomic Snapshot of Lebanon under Corona Lockdown

The corona crisis could not have come at a worse time for Lebanon: an economy on the brink of collapse, debt default, a rapidly devaluating currency...


Des questions sans réponses

Certains stocks s'amenuisent. A peine un mois après le début de la crise du COVID-19 en Tunisie, il faut se lever de bonne heure pour trouver dans le...


COVID-19 in Libya: The virus provides cover for escalation

At first sight, Libya does not seem to experience a strong outbreak of COVID-19. Currently, 34 cases have been confirmed, a first case was recorded on...


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