Climate Change and Renewable Energy Training Program for Yemeni and Jordanian Journalists

Special training on professional coverage and reporting about Climate change and Renewable Energy topics. From 8/7/2016 until 8/9/2016 in Landmark Hotel, Amman.

To report news, you should answer the five WH questions; who, what, when, where and why? That was one of the lessons taught in the special training on professional coverage and reporting of Climate Change and Renewable Energy topics. Around 20 journalists from Yemen and Jordan completed their three-day comprehensive training workshop on Climate Change and Renewable Energy Resources in Amman, Jordan. The training aimed to develop the capacity of journalists in the region in professional scientific journalism, with focus on Climate Change issues and Renewable Energy.

The training included background sessions about the climate crises, climate negotiations and the renewable energy status in Yemen, Jordan and around the globe. The rest of the training focused on extensive professional journalism development through practical exercise. The participants also benefited from a field visit to Maan and Tafeilah in the South of Jordan, where the Solar Park and Wind Farm projects are. This was an exercise on how to create reports on such important topics.

The Regional Climate and Energy Project of FES in the MENA region thanks the professional trainers who joined us in this important workshop, including Mr. Saad Hattar (Lead Trainer), Mr. Bashar Zytoun (Lecturer), and Eng. Murad Jalamdeh (Lecturer and Coordinator of the Field Visit).


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