Trade unions mission - Agadez

A delegation of 13 unionists from all three regions of the RSMMS were joined by a representative of ITUC Africa and a representative of the OTAO to...


Closing Conference of the Regional Thematic Network

Human Rights and Social Justice – Perspectives from the MENA-Region.


Alternative Economy and employment

The prospects and types of employment in new and emerging sectors of the economy in the MENA were the subject of the expert workshop. The workshop was...


North Africa’s Trade Arrangements: Complementarities and Contradictions with the CFTA

The establishment of a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) are currently debated within the African Union. Which place will North Africa assume in...


Theme Week “Time for Justice”: Marginalization in the Maghreb

“Regions left behind” was the theme of a panel discussion and movie screening in Berlin on the subject of social and economic marginalization in the...


ALECA: Challenges for the Maghreb countires

The countries of the Maghreb are increasingly part of negotiations with the European Union for new trade agreements. Tunisia and Morocco are currently...


Regional Young Leaders Conference

Peace-building and the Role of Civil Socieety in the MENA-Region.


The promotion of Social Protection Floors in the MENA Region

The promotion of Social Protection Floors in the MENA Region.


Capacity building for female trade unionists from Bahrain and Oman

Capacity building for female trade unionists from Bahrain and Oman.


AWN-annual meeting

For a more active participation of women trade unionists: The 8th Arab Women Network meeting in Tunis.



Department for Middle East and North Africa
FES Berlin
Hiroshimastraße 28
10785 Berlin


About FES 

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung has a network of eleven country offices in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and implements projects in a total of 14 countries. Some offices, such as Egypt or Sudan, look back at a history of more than 40 years of cooperation.

Offices in the Region

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