Libya office

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation began its activity in Libya in 2012, and since that time the foundation has worked closely with its Libyan partners to organize workshops, conferences, seminars, working papers and analytical research; To contribute to the stage of democratic transformation in Libya through its office there, which implements projects that contribute to supporting a peaceful, non-exclusionary community dialogue aimed at promoting the principles of dialogue and reconciliation, and rejecting hate speech and violence to reach peace and establish the state in a manner that guarantees the rights of all Libyans and the contribution of all social and political parties.

On the other hand, the Libyan office at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation adopts the process of supporting an alternative economic dialogue and creating an open platform for all Libyan economic parties to reach a comprehensive, sustainable and socially just economic model by supporting Libyan experts from diverse backgrounds to discuss the ideal economic model for Libya. The Foundation also works with trade unions to improve the working and workers’ conditions in Libya by building the capacities of trade unionists, especially young people, and enhancing the role of women in decision-making. Also, improving national legislation that pertains to labor and unions in line with international standards and agreements of the International Labor Organization.

Supporting the political participation of civil society institutions is considered one of the fundamental goals of the institution, which is also depicted in developing social policies by enhancing the role of young actors and women among them, in addition to supporting local institutions in building their capacities to effectively participate in influencing state institutions in decision-making, following, defending, and adopting Human rights, along with spreading the concept of gender equality and justice.

FES Libya Team

Fatma Gatish

  • Program Director


Raied Gheblawi

  • Program Director


Lamees Eyad

  • Program Assistant and Contact Officer



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Thomas Claes

  • Director of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation office in Libya

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