Libya office

The Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation (FES) began its activity in Libya in 2012 following the political opening of the country. Committed to support the Libyan people in their quest for freedom, peaceful change and democratic reform, FES started to work closely with Libyan partners. With the support for workshops, seminars, conferences, research and studies, FES hopes to contribute to the democratic transformation in Libya. According to its values, FES supports projects that contribute to supporting a peaceful, non-exclusionary community dialogue aimed at promoting the principles of dialogue and reconciliation, and rejecting hate speech and violence.

FES believes that the political participation of civil society is an important step towards democratization. Therefore, the Libya project supports progressive civil society organizations in Libya to develop and formulate new social policies to strengthen the role of young people and women in society. FES also supports local organizations to more effectively promote social and gender justice and defend human rights and women rights.

Additionally, Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation’s Libya project aims to support alternative economic thinking and dialogue by creating an open platform for all Libyan economic parties to reach a comprehensive, sustainable and socially just economic model. FES supports Libyan experts from diverse backgrounds to discuss the ideal economic model for Libya’s future. The Foundation also works with the Libyan trade union movement to improve the conditions of workers in Libya by building the capacities of trade union activists, especially among the young generation and women.

FES Libya Team

Fatma Gatish

  • Program Manager


Raied Gheblawi

  • Program Manager


Lamees Eyad

  • Program Assistant and Contact Officer



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Thomas Claes

  • Director of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation office in Libya

+216 71 775 343



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